New Game Project Future Force


I am currently developing a 2D fps mobile game. The game is going to have different play modes, multiplayer options, characters, guns etc. I could complete one mode for the moment and it is single play with some silly AI’s 🙂 It has a few minor bugs right now, but i will fix them and plan to release the first version of the game in 4-5 months. If I can have time, I would like to write tutorials about the development process here.

What does this project contains currently?


-Character Controller

-Game Manager System

-AI’s and State Machine Design pattern.

-Item/Gun Inventory system and database

-Animations and Animation Controller

-Particle Systems

-Object pooling, Scoreboard, Damaging, Health System, Radar and so on..

All of these mean lots of C# codes.

You can watch the first prototype of the game from the link below 🙂


So, what is next? My first goal is to fix the bugs and complete other modes. Then I will arrange the menus (store, challenges etc). Also, i think to develop some turrets and vehicles to use during the game. After all this, I’m going to start building the multiplayer part.



*The GUI and the effects are from unity3d asset store.


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